Soccer in kindergarten and school!


In this Little Sport Star article (about one minute to read), we highlight  reasons why teaching your kids the basics before they start primary school, gives them a head start.

1. Coordination

We all want our kids to be coordinated.  Controlling a ball with your feet whilst running forwards and backwards, to the side and back again, improves your coordination.

2. Inclusion

There is usually a game of soccer in the school yard, and all it takes is to join in.  Kids who don’t join in, can sometimes complain that they feel excluded.

3. Resilience

The game will break down at some point and there will be disagreements.  Left alone, the kids will navigate these situations and get through it.  Resilence is a basic skills for life that we learn very early.

4. Compromise

When games break down, the kids will have to find solutions, not always conventional ones.  Disagreements might be sorted out by “rock, paper, scissors” but the point is that the kids work it out themselves.

4.  Friendships


Good friendships are forged when kids have a common goal, literally.  

5.  Leadership

Games have a natural way of bringing out the leaders in people.  It’s doesn’t have to be the biggest and loudest.

6.  Improvisation

The eternal quest to find suitable goal posts is usually resolved with some form of improvisation, usually a couple of jumpers and a water bottle for posts.  

7.  Flexibility

Matches, particularly in the school yard, are rarely incident free.  Everyone needs to adjust and be a little bit more patient and flexible. 

8.  Screen avoidance

I appreciate kids can’t usually watch screens at school, but playing games is teaching them that there is more to life than being on their screen all day.  The kids learn to like the outdoors tend to be the ones who don’t turn to their screen at every opportunity for entertainment.

9. Ambition

Children who love soccer can see their role models in action on TV most days.  It's good to dream big and the wonderful thing about kindergarten is that kids have the whole world ahead of them.  If they have the talent and work hard enough, they can play in the World Cup.

We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.  if you have enjoyed this piece, them please check out our soccer ball for babies and infants.  

Whatever you choose, play your way!

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