Why I tell my wife that I want the kids to play baseball!

"Well dear, there are many reasons why playing baseball can be a positive experience for our kids.  

Here are a few reason i can think of.

  1. Physical fitness: Baseball involves running, throwing, catching, and hitting, which all contribute to overall physical fitness. By playing baseball, our kids will be engaging in regular exercise, which can help him stay healthy and active.

  2. Teamwork: Baseball is a team sport, which means that our kids will have to learn to work with others to achieve a common goal. This can be an invaluable lesson for the kids, as it will teach him how to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate effectively with others - and it all outside in the open air, not in a classroom and no screens involved.

  3. Discipline: Baseball requires a lot of practice and dedication. By playing baseball, our kids will learn the value of hard work and discipline, which can help them in all areas of his life.

  4. Self-confidence: As kids improve their skills and becomes more comfortable playing baseball, they will likely gain a sense of confidence and self-esteem. This can help them with self-confidence in other areas of their life, not just baseball.

  5. Socialization: Playing baseball can be a great way for our kids to make new friends and socialize with other children who share their interests.  I'm worried that too many kids are spending too long chatting to their friends online which is creating a shy and introverted generation.

So dearest, let's be clear, as soon as the kids are old enough we are taking them down to the ball park!"