About us

Founded in 2011, Little Sport Star have sold across the world online, and in stores across the US and UK but as a lot of those stores, such as Toys R Us and Mothercare, have gone into administration, Little Sport Star are now selling exclusively online - on this website and on Amazon.

Nick and his wife came up with the idea for Little Sport Star in 2012 during the London Olympics.  Nick became a parent around the same time and he was surprised that there were no good sports toys for babies.  So Nick started scribbling some ideas down but he realised he needed a specialist to help him.

With no experience of manufacturing experience, Nick googled for a toy designer and that is where he met Caroline.  Nick remembers "I liked Caroline's work, but I had no idea just how good she was.  She is a world class designer who has designed with some really big global brands Peppa Pig.  We chatted and we realised we shared a strong vision of what we want Little Sport Star to be". 

When asked by a journalist for Forbes what inspired Little Sport Star, he explained, "When I became a parent, I wanted to make sporty toys which are fun, sporty, cute and packed with sensory features.  No-one has ever done that before."

Nick and Caroline try to balance their work around their own kids and design the toys based on their own experiences in parenthood and as well as extensive research into what stimulates young babies, in particular work of UNICEF.  Nick says he has applied so much from what we has learnt from educational psychologists.

Customers have included English Royalty and Sporting Royalty but only the latter have shared photos on Instagram.  Tennis World No. 1. Caroline Wozniaki has shared pictures of her cute baby playing with a Little Sport Star tennis racket. 

caroline Wozniacki  

Canadian No. 1 and Mom Aleksandra Wozniak and Wimbledon Finalist Kevin Anderson have both shared pictures of their kids playing tennis with a Little Sport Star tennis racket. 

Since creating Little Sport Star, their toys have featured in major publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times.  They have won awards with Mums.TV and The Dad Network and the annual Nursery Industry.

Little Sport Star is not just a toy, our toys represent an ambition that many parents share.  We want children to grow up healthy and we think that sport is so important to their well being.  We want to make sporty toys that even babies can enjoy.       

Nick's own kids are now 9 and 11.  His oldest daughter plays soccer twice a week, swims 4 times a week and is a member of the local athletics clubs.  His son plays soccer and rugby, swims weekly and loves the Premier League.  His favourite football team is the Patriots. Both kids work hard at school, but sport is a central bond that runs strong in the family and with friends.